Summer Trips 2015

In a nutshell…

Trip 1 – 

1. Mesa Verde – hail, hike, camping. I love my cot. 

2. Emergency room, trampoline disaster. 

3. Camping in a “yurt.” Family fun time. I love my cot. 

4. Stephie’s wedding…adorable! 

Trip 2 – 

1. Dodge City…cowboy dinner, gun fight, museum, camping…trains. 

2. Hannibal, MO…painting the fence, Mississippi River, lunch at a park, Mark Twain museum.

3. Nauvoo, IL…ride on a cart, Just Plain Anna Amanda, dress up. Rain swamped tent, and cabin rescue. Daddy long legs. 

4. Aunt Vicki, Museum of Science and Industry, deep dish pizza, Aunt Vicki

5. Nauvoo, IL…playtime and a pageant. My pal Greg. 


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Summer Trip 2015 Day 1

We started the day by trying to frantically clean all the things that I hadn’t gotten to the day before. I’m generally pretty OCD about planning and packing for trips, but for some reason, I was off my game. I like the idea of thinking that I’m getting more easy-going in my old age (I’m 40 now)…so yeah, let’s go with that. 

We had homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Yeah…I’m kind of a big deal. 

 I didn’t get to the floors…so, I shot off an apologetic text to our house-sitters after I finally gave up on getting them done before we left.

We headed out of town, and it was a little weird going a different way than we have ever driven before…going east?! Weird. 

Do not be fooled by this picture…the children were actually insane. Here are some highlights…

1. We went to the slowest Dairy Queen in existence!! It’s in Clayton, New Mexico…if you ever want to experience it. I recommend using caution. It strained my keep-hungry-children-happy-without-threatening-to-kill-them skills to their limit! 

2. Cowboy dinner in Dodge City. Best creamed corn I’ve ever had! I hate creamed corn…but, I can see now why people like it! The children were forced to eat a bite of a new, and horrifying dish…apple crisp. There were tears, they all hated it, and they wrangled a deal that in the future we would limit new foods to one-per-day. 

I’m not sure how they swung that deal. My only excuse is…I was tired and weak. 

3. Cowboy gun show!

We sat in the back…my kids have sensory issues, and guns are loud. Keeping them from running away screaming was a task. 

4. More Wild West stuff!

5. Sarsaparilla and a show! 

They loved the sarsaparilla!! Mommy and Daddy had Diet Pepsi…which was dubbed “Cowboy Diet Coke” by an adorable Gideon. 
6. The show was…eh. So we left early and spent a good while on a train instead. It was definitely more their thing. 

7. Back to the campground for sunset, 

8. Playground

9. Catching toads…not pictured because Mommy was taking a shower when Daddy let the kids get up to THOSE shenanigans. It was already 2.5 hours past their bedtime, and they were clean!! Seriously?! Boys. Uggh!!

10. Bed! 

This magical night of sleep was brought to you by perfect weather, a comfy cot, calming music, and train horns that blew during the wee hours of all. Night. Long. 

My children were weirdly immune to it, but I was blessed to experience each and every incident. My body was quickly conditioned to wake up just from hearing the rattling of the train on the tracks. Then, in my half-conscious state, I would start my own personal mantra…praying that THIS time, they might forego the horn. My body would tense up in anticipation of the long, and repeated horn blasts which was the equivalent of opening my skull, and taking a wire brush to my brain. So, thank you, my new diesel-powered friends. It was magical. 

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The End is Near…

It’s coming. Summer.


Y’know how I know?

The Jaws theme music constantly playing in my subconscious? Well, yes…that too…

But, I REALLY know, because the children are slowing going insane…and taking me with them.

The end of the year comes with some serious challenges for spectrum peoples…like my adorable munchkins. Spectrum peeps thrive on schedule, consistency, and organization.

For example…like say…my house is a mess…well, then they are a mess. I would love to tell you that because of this, my house exists in a constant stake of organization, and cleanliness. But, those that know me would laugh me off the internet. So instead, I will say that I try to keep things organized, and I recognize and acknowledge the difference it makes for my kids…and accept my failure in this area with grace, and dignity.

The end of the school year throws consistency out the window. What with field trips, and parties, and activities…everything is different. That strains their ability to cope. Now, I gotta say…my kids have amazing coping skills. Seriously…there are times that I am in awe of their ability to function when things are harder for them.

But, even their amazing coping skills are no match for the madness that is…the end of the school year. Their behavior slowly deteriorates…as does my sanity.

Today, I had to come and pick up #1 from school…he didn’t make it to his field trip because he had a breakdown about not getting the seat he preferred on the bus. *blink blink* Okaaaaay. Normally this would be something he could cope with easily…so, I can only assume the End Of The Year strikes again. *sigh*

“Find a happy place, find a happy place…”

He’s home now…like I was gonna leave that hot mess at school… *rolls eyes*…and I am thinking, MOVIE NIGHT!!

Because sometimes you have to let your children watch television on a school night. And let’s be real…at the end of the year, is it really even a “school night?”

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Y’had a bad day…

So…we had a bad day. Not me specifically…just…y’know…collectively.

First off…we’ve been sick. Gideon went down first, then me (as I am consistently his cuddle-buddy of choice), then Matt (as he is consistently MY cuddly-buddy of choice), then the other kids dropped like flies.

It was just a summer cold. Matt and I were down a couple of days…as were the other kids. Except Gideon. He has been the last to fight it off…with only a few days of holding my breath. A couple nights of low oxygen, lots of neb treatments, and steroids. But…no hospital stay!! Yay!!

Oh…wait…we are concentrating on the bad. Umm…I sprained my ankle. It turned a LOVELY shade of almost-black…and was really quite impressively disgusting. Still is.

Today, the kids were finally back at school…’cept Gideon…of course. But, he’s back tomorrow. FO SHO…that kid was WAY too healthy today…if it wasn’t for that horrible cough…

Anywho…so the nurse called me. I really love that she’s not a freaker-outer. At our OTHER school the nurse had me come and pick him up because his shoes were too muddy. *blink blink*…really? Well…today…#1 got hit in the head with a tennis ball…which broke his glasses, which then in turn…cut him near his eye.

…I’ll wait while you take a moment to get the Ralphie references out of your systems…

…ready to move on? No?…

…Okay, ready or not…moving on…

My #3 got hauled into the principals office, because a boy in the group he was playing with was punching and kicking the other kids…

…no…the kid was not named Scut Farkus…

…but, #3 was devastated. He’s a tender-hearted soul who puts on a tough persona. Y’know the tough guy with a heart of gold? Tortured soul? AKA…girl magnet? So, he was acting out at home (all kinds of naughty)…until I finally pried the trip to the principal’s office out of him (he doesn’t like to talk about his feelings)…and he was sobbing his little eyes out.  Aww…cuddles.

Judy…she had play practice after school.

After we dropped her off…one of the kids left the door open in the car. Apparently they had also left all the lights on. So, when I put all the kids in the car to pick Judy up 2 hours later…my battery was dead. Matt was late coming home from work…so I had to call him to race over to get Judy…did I mention, she freaks out (full on panic attacks, and nightmares for DAYS) if we are late? Made that mistake…ONCE.

He made it. Crisis averted…except for MY panic attack about being late.

Matt was late…because he lost track of time…and his laptop got locked inside a secure building.

Oh…and my house key started breaking off in the door to the house. Luckily I was able to remove it from the lock before it finished the job.

So…yeah…it’s been a weird day.

On the half-full side of things…went out to lunch with my friend Gerty (names changed to protect the criminally insane)…and that was deliciously awesome!!

So, I’m calling it…

Bad…but, not pitchfork-in-the-ass bad.


I can live with that.

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Another Adventure in Parenting…and romance.

The day had gone well. I had felt…vaguely productive. My kids had come home from school, played outside, and worked on homework. I headed to the kitchen to start dinner…which is always when the screaming starts. And, it inevitably did in this case as well.

Since it didn’t sound like a permanent injury, or hurt feelings that would require professional intervention…I went about my business of trying to throw together a dinner that would stave off vitamin deficiency for one more day.


Screams not to worry about –
1. Screams followed by laughter.
2. Screams and sobbing that moves closer to me…mobility = no permanent injury.
3. Screams followed by yelling. Hurt feelings can be dealt with later.

Screams to worry about –
1. Screams that DON’T move closer to me…and another child comes to inform me of the “injury.”
2. Screams that suddenly stop…and another scream follows. Someone is exacting revenge.
3. Screams that suddenly stop. (ARE THEY UNCONSCIOUS?!)

So, my stove was on, and I was gathering various leftovers. I felt like a chemist, trying to find a combination that would be marginally acceptable, and healthy. The kids were playing…though, I could tell it was a tenuous cease-fire. With bellies rumbling, I knew that they would soon turn on each other like rabid wolves.

Naturally…the doorbell rings. I turned off the stove, and answered. The person at the door – “Hi, I’m a student and blah blah blah…earning credits for college…”

I’m generally a nice person. I usually will let them finish whatever long-winded monologue they have prepared, but I really didn’t have the time. I had four the equivalent of 4 ticking time-bombs bouncing on my trampoline, and a culinary science experiment to complete. So, I interrupted and said…”I’m sorry, I really don’t have the time, I have dinner on the stove.”

He must have thought I was just handing him a line…”But, this will only take 5 seconds.”

Really!? So, I responded, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5…thanks, gotta go.” And I closed the door.

Not 30 seconds later…I had two weeping children at my door. Well, one was in tears, the other was tattletale-ing. Bah!! My time was running out. We were getting down to the final seconds before hangry armageddon.

Sidenote…Hangry – hungry/angry

I put the two children in charge of clearing off the table (when you have boys that are itching to beat on each other…I find that keeping them busy is key) and getting it ready for dinner.

I was able to finish dinner in the nick of time. Children were called. Bowls were on the table. Favorite cups and utensils were distributed. Prayer was said. YES! I can take 2 minutes and run to the bathroom.

I perched on my porcelain throne…noting that the bathroom was…eh, clean enough, though the counter could do with a wipe down. I listened to the sounds from the table…giggling, laughing…I would probably have to sit with them, because I wasn’t sure my science experiment would be universally well received. *shrug* It would give me a chance to ask them about their day at school.

I leisurely lathered my hands, and noted my recent PMS-induced breakout was healing quite nicely. All was well.

What I returned to was a scene out of Lord of the Flies…or a monkey cage at the zoo. Child #3 was standing on the coffee table, being stalked by Child #1, who was trying to slap him on any available surface. Both were laughing hysterically. Child #2 was trying to force-feed Child #4 his drink of water, and clearly had been for some time…judging by the amount of liquid covering the table, and floor. These two were ALSO laughing hysterically.

I just stood there…waiting for them to notice my presence and tremble before me. #2, and #4, noticed almost immediately, and looked sufficiently cowed and repentant. It took #1, and #3 a little more time…they scampered quickly back to the table. But, I could tell…they were only upset that their game had been interrupted. Grrrrr. They sat back down at the table…but, their poking/tickling/pestering continued.

Me…well, my blood pressure was rising, my eye was twitching.

I explained that I was getting frustrated, and I would appreciate their cooperation. They didn’t stop. I broke out my I-mean-business voice. They didn’t stop. I yelled. They didn’t stop.

Do these children have NO sense of self preservation?!

I told #1 and #3…”Put your noses on the wall and don’t move, until I tell you to!!!”

Sidenote: Noses-on-the-wall is not a punishment. It is a device whereby children can stay out of trouble long enough for Mommy’s blood pressure to return to normal, so she can devise rational punishments. Otherwise she starts going a little overboard with the consequences.

This is when the doorbell rings again. I stalked toward it…”If this is that salesman again, I’m gonna make him put HIS nose on the wall.”

No…it wasn’t…it was someone from church who needed to borrow a crockpot, and a stock pot. I smiled, invited her in, and we headed to the kitchen…but, not before I reminded the boys on the wall that they had better not move.

I began digging through our stuff…the larger stuff, Matt puts away, and I have remained intentionally ignorant of his organizational paradigm. After a little digging, I found one of the crockpots, and promised to send Matt over with the stock pot. Then, I heard giggling.

Poking my head in to the dining area, monkey cage, (soon to be torture chamber)…I saw the offenders with their noses still on the wall…all OVER the wall. They had used this moment as an opportunity to rid themselves of any allergy related nasal drippings.


I firmly informed them that they had each earned two jobs after dinner, for that behavior…then turned to smile at my guest, who was no-doubt wondering if I worked as a drill sergeant in a previous life…and walked her to the door…again promising to send Matt over as soon as he got home.

The boys were sent BACK to the table, and I wish I could say it ended there. But, no…dinner ended with even more jobs handed out as consequences. Matt got home, and I sent him off with the desired kitchen supplies. The children finished their dinner…which was actually not complained about as much as I expected.

When the food was gone…it was time for the followed through…let’s face it, this is just as exhausting, and psychologically taxing, as the naughty behavior. But, I held it together…and soon my trashes were all empty, and bags taken outside. The table was washed and a table cloth put on. The dishwasher was emptied. The kitchen floor was clean…ish…he’s 10. My family room was tidy. And, I was a frazzled mess of nerves. I retreated to my room to catch my breath…and maybe a few brain cells.

Then, Matt came in to let me know he was leaving for his usual Tuesday meetings.

I wanted to cry.

Matt reminded me that it was a youth fundraiser dinner for camp…and lamented that we couldn’t go as a family.


*huge grin*

“You can take the children!! I will stay here!!”

And he did. And I did.

They were gone one blissful hour. *swoon*

Did I ever mention how insanely in love with my husband I am? Like head-over-heels in love. Like dreamy-batting-my-eyes in love. You can keep flowers, chocolate, and wildly romantic gestures. Taking four wild children, and braving a church event alone…that’s hot.

Hats I wore today…drill sergeant, chemist, zoo keeper, prison guard, borderline She-Hulk (there was definitely a tinge of green to my complexion), and damsel in distress.

My Knight in Shining armor wore jeans…and I fell in love all over again.

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Vaccines. Autism. Blahbitty blah.

The vaccine debate rears it’s horribly deformed and obnoxious head once again. And once again I find myself in a near-constant state of wanting to punch people in the throat.

So…last week #4 was officially diagnosed. That’s right…THREE kids on the Autism Spectrum for me! Once again, I find myself the object of pity, and an “I’m sorry for your loss” attitude. Umm…have you MET my #4? He’s kind like of a cuddly baby penguin, crossed with a cartoon character, wrapped in rainbows…but, in real life! Everyone adores him. He’s smart. He’s adorable. He’s just a little socially, emotionally, and physically delayed. And, he’s got some processing issues. And probably ADHD.image

But, those things don’t detract from him as a person. Aww…wook at ‘im.

Anywho…back to the vaccine thing. I know I need to avoid reading these threads, or comments. They make me CRAZY!! It gets under my skin SO badly because…people keep using Autism as a scare tactic. Someone actually called it “brain damage,” and I wanted to claw my way through the internet to personally deliver a throat punch. Seriously…I was like…going all gansta mommy.

Here’s the deal.

Vaccines don’t cause Autism. Yes, there are vaccine injuries. That’s not autism. That is the equivalent to a horrible allergic reaction. It’s extremely rare…but, it does happen. I’m not disputing that.

Also…Autism isn’t something to be feared, or pitied. There is so much talk about Autism, but rarely do people encounter it on a regular basis. Having personally studied early childhood development, in an Autism immersion program, for the past 10.5 years, (also known as “my house”) I am fairly confident in my understanding of Autism. I have come to the conclusion, through observation and study…that my kids are freakin’ awesome, aaaaand that Autism is genetic.

Each of my kids are different. They each have different personalities. My three ASD kids are each SO different. My NT (neuro-typical) child is no less difficult to raise because he is “normal.” My oldest was…challenging as a young child. But, that’s because of his personality…and because I was, as yet, unschooled in the nuances of Autism parenting. #4…has been my easiest child to raise…also autistic.

So…quit pitying me, or my kids. We are doing fine. My kids are rad. I’ve got this.

BUT…here’s my biggest issue on vaccines.

My penguin/cartoon/rainbow child has crappy lungs. My biggest fear every winter is…Pertussis (Whooping Cough).

Don’t get me wrong…Influenza is scary too.

But, when you have a kid who has landed in the hospital, packed in ice to lower his fever, on constant nebulizer treatments, and it’s touch and go whether he needs to be life-flighted to a larger hospital…all because of a little 3 day respiratory virus…you get a little paranoid.

1530456_10202312862956828_1318370954_n 1510939_10202314512678070_815290726_n

That was a little virus that ALL my other kids had. No big deal. Fever, a little wheezing. It was over in 3 days. Meh.

With #4…it was the ICU, packed in ice, steroids, neb treatments, and 6 weeks of oxygen afterwards…you just wait it out, and pray that medical intervention can get them through it.

Pertussis, could END my kid.

The higher the number of unvaccinated people…the weaker the herd immunity…the greater the chance of my penguin/cartoon/rainbow kid dying.

So…if people want to be scared about something…be scared of death. NOT Autism.

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Just got to thinking today…

So, I talk a LOT about my kids’ issues…and they are plentiful. Actually…on that note…Judy is now OFFICIALLY diagnosed with Autism. Woot.

But, back to my original thought train…Adam.

Adam is what is known in the Autism world as…Neuro Typical…or NT…or “normal.”

Let me tell you about Adam.

Adam is a boy. He is active. He loves to wrestle. He loves music. He loves friends. He LOVES to be physically active. He loves to be outside. He has a tender heart. He loves hugs. He loves cuddles.

He has 3 siblings…who are NOT demonstrative with their affection. Who prefer parallel play. Who don’t like to be tackled…or tickled…or poked…or pestered…or have their brother get in their face so they will pay attention to him. From the time Adam could move he was in their space. By the time he was 9 months old…he was actively teasing. No really…teasing.

*eyes glaze over*

I remember it well. Moroni and Judy were sick. Judy was two, and Moroni was three…and Adam was 9 months. The kids were lying in front of the television. They each had their pillow and blanket on the floor. Adam kept going over and putting his head on their pillows. For two hours, I distracted him. I got him his own pillow and blanket, I kept dragging him away…but, nothing kept him away from their pillows. I finally decided to just watch it play out…(I’d like to claim scientific curiosity, but it was really just exhaustion)…Adam crawled over to his brother’s pillow, and started to put his head down…but, then just hovered a few inches above the pillow. I was confused. I kept watching. Adam watched Moroni. As soon as Moroni looked over at Adam…Adam dropped his head to the pillow, and Moroni became instantly enraged.


Yeah…teasing. At 9 months old.

Adam’s innate social understanding has always been more advanced than his siblings. It will always be.

These differences have caused no end of frustration for everyone involved…Mom, Dad, siblings, and especially…Adam.

Adam gets in trouble a lot. While he understands that his siblings are different, there is still a sense of injustice when they get away with things, that he wouldn’t be able to. Adam has a tender heart, and gets his feelings hurt easily. He gets angry. He gets jealous. He thinks he’s dumb because he didn’t excel at math as quickly as his siblings. It’s been a lot of…”everyone has different talents, and different struggles” conversations.

BUT…Adam has also been the BEST therapy any of my children has ever received. Why?! Because they have been forced to deal with poking, teasing, tickling, etc. They have been forced to learn to voice their opinions, because Mommy won’t tolerate hitting.

They have been forced to interact, because Adam won’t take “no” for an answer…he’s also not discouraged by screaming, or hitting, or crying.

Adam has forced me to teach my children sharing, and taking turns, and patience, and respecting personal space, and understanding differences.

Are there days that I just wish that Adam would leave his siblings alone?! Oh gosh, yes!

But mostly…I am SO thankful for him. He is his own person. I want him to own it.

He wanted a mohawk…I said…yup. (Had to talk Daddy into it)
He wanted to grow his hair out…I said…yup. (Had to talk Daddy into it)

I just want him to explore, and discover who he is…and enjoy himself. He told me the other day that someone teased him about his hair. I said…”Do you like your hair?” he said, “Yes.” I replied…”Then, you’re fine. Don’t ever decide to cut your hair because someone else makes you feel badly. You decide to cut your hair when YOU want to.” With the standard clause of…”but, the second you don’t wash or brush it…it’s gone, capiche?!”

It hasn’t been a problem…he washes it, brushes it…my only complaint is…he doesn’t let me play with it enough. It’s gorgeous.

So…in conclusion. Adam…so rad.


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Merry Christmas 2014

There are no pictures.

The kids got up at 3:45 am.

Well…that’s when we HEARD them. By the time we had acknowledged their wakefulness…2 of them had already scouted out everyone’s stockings, and present haul.

3:45 am people. I hadn’t even gone to sleep yet.

I know what woke them up…Judy fell asleep in front of her door, and had kicked it rather loudly in her sleep. So…Adam woke up. Who woke up Moroni. Who woke up Gideon. You get it.

I was SO angry. No sleep makes Mommy…basically insane. And cranky.

I put them off for an hour. Then, I put on my happy face…pretty sure my face broke…and said to Matt…”Let’s just get this over with.” Yup…that was the extent of my warm Christmas fuzzies.

I was back in bed by 6:30…after breakfast, and the present-opening, was over.

After I woke up later…MUCH later…I had a little sit-down with the kids. Basically an, “I don’t care when you wake up…you do not leave your rooms or make noise until after 6 am on Christmas morning” talk.

I love Christmas…so, it was kind of a Christmas-spirit killer for me.

Later…I really liked seeing the kids enjoy their toys. Moroni got a remote control tank that shoots plastic BBs. Oh yeah…Santa hooked. him. up.

Gideon got a cute doll. Judy got a bike…which that tall girl has been needing for a WHILE. Adam got a guitar. He LOVES music…so that will be fun.

Now, it’s the week after Christmas. The week of Christmas break. Which means…HOUSE PROJECTS!!

Matt is currently replacing our hallway light fixture, and then he’s going to install some recessed lighting in my kitchen. Tomorrow…paint. That’s how we partay!!

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Thanks for the Reminder

Facebook wanted to show me a summary of my year. So…I glanced through it.

It started out with Gideon’s trip to the hospital.

Then, Judy’s struggles with trichotillomania (hair pulling), and school issues.

Then, it brought up Moroni’s bullying struggles.

I didn’t even post about our insane summer…b’cause, I still have PTSD about it.

It ended with MORE bullying struggles for Moroni.

So…thanks Facebook. Thanks a lot.

Angel on Shoulder – Now, now…let’s not focus on just how much 2014 sucked. *inspirational music* No…we shall not succumb to the urge to curl up into a little ball, and ride out the rest of the year huddled in panicked misery, wondering what horrors 2014 has yet to bestow. *music crescendo* Instead, let us pull out our inner Pollyannas, and look on the bright side!…

*record scratch*

Devil on Other Shoulder – Abbie made it through the year without a drug or alcohol problem?

Angel on Shoulder – *sigh* Yeah…pretty much.


*drops mike and exits stage left*

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Christmas Cookie Recipe

My Favorite Cut-out Cookie Recipe!


¾ Cups Butter

1 Cup White Sugar

2 Whole Eggs

1 ½ Teaspoons Vanilla

2 ½ Cups All-Purpose Flour

¼ Teaspoon Cream of Tartar

1 Teaspoon Baking Powder

½ Teaspoon Salt

  1. Put the butter in your bowl, and let it sit around until it’s at room temperature. Yeah, it’s important…you don’t want to use melted butter for this. Takes a little planning, but I usually just stick it in the bowl in the morning, and by the time I’m ready to mix the dough…it’s ready.
  2. Combine room temperature butter, and sugar, and mix until smooth. If you have a mixer…that’s SUPER happy, because it takes longer than you think. It will be all pretty, white, and fluffy, when it’s ready. If you don’t have a mixer…then kudos to your pioneer muscles…you’re a better woman/man who bakes, than me.
  3. Add eggs and vanilla, and mix.
  4. My recipe says to sift the rest of the ingredients before mixing it all together…I don’t and it still turns out awesome. So…add the rest of the ingredients, and mix until “fully incorporated.” You’ll have a lovely, fluffy dough, if you’ve done it right.
  5. You don’t NEED to refrigerate it…but, if you want perfect cookies…you should. I put it in a gallon freezer bag (which will hold a double batch) and stick it in the fridge until I’m ready to bake. It will keep for several days, if you want to make this ahead of time to save sanity ‘round the holidays.
  6. When you’re ready to bake, generously flour your flat surface and roll out the dough. You want to keep it as cool as possible. I like to make my sugar cookies about ½ inch thick…but to each their own. Use the cookie-cutters of your choice.
  7. Bake at 325-350 for 5-8 minutes.

TIP: If you want your cookies to maintain the lovely shape of your cookie cutters (instead of turning into blobs) chill the pan, with your cut out cookies for 10-15 minutes in the freezer, before baking. It’s a pain…but, it seriously works.

Icing –

The kind that dries shiny, and hard and is so forgiving, and easy.
Make multiple batches with different colors.


1 C. Powdered Sugar

1 tbs. Milk

1 drop Lemon Juice

1 tbs. light corn syrup

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